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Victron Energy BPC241647102 Blue Smart IP22 24VDC 16A 1 Bank 120V Charger Dry

MPN: BPC241647102

SKU: 8719076052500

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Victron Energy BPC241647102 Blue Smart IP22 24VDC 16A 1 Bank 120V Charger Dry Mount

The Victron Energy BPC241647102 Blue Smart IP22 Charger is a professional battery charger with built-in Bluetooth. It is designed for use on various devices such as cars, motorbikes, boats, and camper-vans.

Bluetooth Smart

The Blue Smart IP22 Charger is equipped with wireless Bluetooth technology, allowing you to monitor voltage and current, change settings, and update the charger when new features become available.

High Efficiency

With an impressive efficiency rating of up to 94%, this charger generates significantly less heat compared to the industry standard. It consumes only 0.5 Watt of power when the battery is fully charged, making it five to ten times more efficient than other chargers.

Adaptive 6-Stage Charge Algorithm

The Blue Smart Charger features a microprocessor-controlled adaptive battery management system. This intelligent algorithm optimizes the charging process based on how the battery is being used, ensuring efficient and safe charging.

Storage Mode

When the battery has not been discharged for 24 hours, the charger automatically activates the storage mode. In this mode, the float voltage is reduced to minimize gassing and corrosion, preventing premature battery failure. The charger also performs a weekly equalization charge to maintain battery health.

Li-ion Battery Charging

In addition to other battery types, the Blue Smart Charger is capable of charging Li-ion batteries using a simple bulk-absorption-float algorithm.

Fully Discharged Battery Recovery

Even if the battery has been completely discharged, the charger will initiate the charging process. It can also reconnect to a fully discharged Li-ion battery with its internal disconnect function.

NIGHT and LOW Settings

The charger offers NIGHT and LOW modes, reducing the output current to a maximum of 50% of the nominal output and operating silently. The NIGHT mode automatically ends after 8 hours, while the LOW mode can be manually deactivated.

Overheating Protection

The charger is protected against overheating. As the temperature increases, the output current reduces, ensuring safe operation even in high-temperature environments.

Eleven LEDs for Status Indication

The charger features eleven LEDs that indicate the charge algorithm and mode. The MODE button allows you to set the charging voltage for different battery types.


  • Input Voltage Range: 100 - 130 VAC
  • Charge Current, Normal Mode: 8/12/16 A
  • Charge Current, NIGHT or LOW: 4/6/8 A
  • Efficiency: 94%
  • No Load Power Consumption: 0.5 W
  • Frequency: 45 - 65 Hz
  • Number of Outputs: 1
  • Charge Voltage 'Absorption': Normal: 28.8V High: 29.4V Li-ion: 28.4V
  • Charge Voltage 'Float': Normal: 27.6V High: 27.6V Li-ion: 27.0V
  • Charge Voltage 'Storage': Normal: 26.4V High: 26.4V Li-ion: 27.0V
  • Charge Algorithm: 6-stage adaptive
  • Can Be Used as Power Supply: Yes
  • Protection: Battery reverse polarity (fuse), Output short circuit, Over temperature
  • Operating Temp. Range: -20 to +50&degC
  • Humidity (non-condensing): Max 98%
  • Bluetooth: Frequency: 2402-2480MHz / Power: -4dBm

Enclosure Specifications:

  • Material & Color: Aluminium (blue RAL 5012)
  • Battery Connection: Screw terminals 13 mm-2 / AWG6
  • 230 V AC Connection: Cable of 1.5 meter with CEE 7/7 plug, BS 1363 plug (UK) or AS/NZS 3112 plug (AU/NZ)
  • Protection Category: IP22
  • Weight: [Weight]

Learn More

For more information about battery chargers, visit the Battery Charger Wikipedia page.

For more information about Li-ion batteries, visit the Lithium-ion Battery Wikipedia page.

Product: Victron Energy BPC241647102 Blue Smart IP22 24VDC 16A 1 Bank 120V Charger Dry

Brand: Victron Energy

Model: BPC241647102

Shipping Weight: 3.30 lb

Shipping Height: 3.00 in

Shipping Width: 7.00 in

Shipping Length: 11.00 in

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