Lowest Price Guarantee Policy at CE Showroom

At CE Showroom, we prioritize offering the best value for each purchase. Our Low Price Guarantee is our dedication to this mission, ensuring we earn and retain your trust.

Our Commitment:

If you spot the same product with a lower advertised price elsewhere online, let us know. We pledge to match that price, showcasing our steadfast commitment to exceptional value.

How It Works:

  1. Notify Us: If you come across a better price on another online retailer, reach out to our customer support. Provide the product details, price, and competitor's product link.
  2. Verification: Our team will cross-check the details, ensuring the product is in stock, identical, and ready for purchase on the other platform.
  3. Price Match: Once confirmed, we adjust our price to match, ensuring you always secure the top deal with CE Showroom.


While we strive to offer unparalleled value, our Low Price Guarantee has certain exceptions:

  • Package Deals: Combined prices of multiple products/services.
  • Pricing Errors: Mistaken prices either on a competitor's site or ours.
  • Membership-Based Pricing: Offers exclusive to members of specific clubs or groups.
  • Unauthorized Sellers: Prices from unofficial or unauthorized dealers or sites.
  • Used/Refurbished Items: Prices for pre-owned, refurbished, or opened products.
  • Shipping Fees: We match only the product price, excluding competitors' shipping/handling fees.
  • Minimum Retail Price (MRP) Regulations: Our guarantee doesn't extend to products with an MRP set by the manufacturer.
  • Stock Availability: Only products that are in stock are included in this offer.

Decoding Minimum Retail Price (MRP):

MRP, or Minimum Retail Price, is the lowest permissible price for selling a product, as stated by its manufacturer. Unlike the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP), with MRP, sales below the specified price are prohibited.

Your Satisfaction, Our Aim:

More than competitive rates, our goal is fostering a lasting, trust-based relationship with our clientele. With CE Showroom, you're not merely purchasing an item; you're making an empowered decision.

We deeply cherish your confidence in CE Showroom.

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