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Ocean Signal 702S-01540 EPIRB1 Rescueme Manual GPSE

MPN: 702S-01540

SKU: 5060266110405

Shipping Weight: 1.60 lb

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Ocean Signal 702S-01540 EPIRB1 Rescueme Manual GPSE

The Ocean Signal rescueME EPIRB1 (Model: 702S-01540) is a compact and reliable emergency distress beacon designed to provide peace of mind in critical situations. With its impressive 10-year battery life and 48+ hours of operational life, this EPIRB ensures your safety and survival even in the most challenging environments.

Key Features:

  • 30% (typ) smaller than other EPIRBs
  • 10-year battery life
  • 48+ hours of operational life
  • 5-year warranty
  • Fast and accurate positioning with 66-channel GPS
  • Retractable antenna for maximum protection and reduced stowage outline
  • Quick-release bracket for easy access and retention
  • Secure lanyard for added safety

The rescueME EPIRB1 is designed to be easily retained within its quick release bracket or placed in an emergency grab-bag or life raft, making it readily accessible during emergencies. Its operating keys are protected by a simple tab to prevent accidental activation while allowing for easy operation when required. Additionally, two high brightness strobes maximize visibility in low light conditions.


  • Satellite transmission: 406.040MHz, 12Watts (Max EIRP)
  • Homing transmission: 121.5MHz, 50mW nominal
  • Operation life: up to 48hrs at -20&degC (-4&degF)
  • Operating temperature range: -20&degC to +55&degC (-4&degF to +131&degF)
  • Standards: Cospas Sarsat T.001/T.007 IEC61097-2, RTCM SC11000, IC RSS287

For longer offshore or ocean passages, the Ocean Signal E100G EPIRB offers an exceptional 96-hour operational life with the option of an automatic release housing (mandatory for vessels approved under SOLAS regulations).

Learn More

Emergency Position-Indicating Radiobeacon Station (EPIRB) on Wikipedia

Product: Ocean Signal 702S-01540 EPIRB1 Rescueme Manual GPSE

Brand: Ocean Signal

Model: 702S-01540

Shipping Weight: 1.60 lb

Shipping Height: 4.00 in

Shipping Width: 5.00 in

Shipping Length: 10.00 in

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