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The Alternator Protection Module (APM) by Balmar is a robust and intelligent device designed to safeguard your alternator against voltage spikes and over-voltage events. With its advanced features, the APM ensures the protection of your alternator's diodes and internal voltage regulator, preventing potential damage.

The APM12 model is specifically designed for 12V systems and is capable of clamping voltage spikes up to 60V. It can withstand sustained over-voltage conditions starting from around 20V. This reliable module can absorb multiple surges of energy, even exceeding 200 amps, without failure, providing continuous protection for your alternator.

Featuring visual and audible alarms, the APM alerts you if the device has been compromised and requires replacement, ensuring the ongoing safety of your alternator. Its compact size and easy mounting make it convenient to install at the rear of the alternator, between the B+ and B- terminals. Additionally, the APM is compatible with all alternator brands, offering versatility and broad applicability.

The Balmar APM devices comply with ISO 16750-2 for Load Dump Protection and ISO 7637-2 for Surge Protection, meeting industry standards for enhanced safety and reliability.

Note: In case of any issues or concerns, please contact the manufacturer directly, as this product may not be returned to the original point of purchase.

Product Features:

  • Robust protection for alternator diodes and internal voltage regulator
  • Clamps voltage spikes up to 60V
  • Sustained over-voltage protection starting from 20V (12V version)
  • Absorbs multiple energy surges
  • Can handle surges exceeding 200 amps
  • Visual and audible alarms for device integrity
  • Compact and easily mounted at the rear of the alternator
  • Compatible with all alternator brands
  • Complies with ISO 16750-2 and ISO 7637-2 standards

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Model: APM-24

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