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Wera 05020199001 6003 Joker Combination Wrench 7 X 110 Mm

MPN: 05020199001

SKU: 4013288218773

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Wera 05020199001 6003 Joker Combination Wrench 7 x 110 mm - 7x110mm Open-Ended Wrench

The Wera 6003 Joker Combination Wrench is a versatile tool designed for various applications. With a size of 7 x 110 mm (4-3/8 inches), this combination wrench offers a practical holding function and a limit stop to prevent slipping. The double-hex geometry greatly reduces the risk of slipping, ensuring a secure connection with nuts or bolts. Its return angle of only 30&deg eliminates the need for time-consuming flipping of the wrench.

The Wera 6003 Joker Combination Wrench features a ratchet mechanism at the ring end, equipped with an exceptional fine-tooth mechanism consisting of 80 teeth. This allows for flexibility even in very confined working spaces. The specially forged geometry ensures high torque transfer and strength, making it suitable for hexagon socket screws, bolts, or nuts.

The wrench also comes with a replaceable metal plate in the jaw, providing a holding function that reduces the risk of dropping nuts and bolts. The metal plate's extra hard teeth securely grip the fasteners, minimizing slippage. The integrated limit stop prevents slipping around the bolt head and enables higher torque to be applied.

Manufactured from high-performance chrome molybdenum steel with a nickel-chrome coating, the Wera 6003 Joker Combination Wrench offers excellent corrosion protection. Its ergonomic design and color coding according to sizes make it easy to use and identify. The wrench is part of the next generation of combination ratchet wrenches, delivering reliable performance and durability.

Product Features:

  • Size: 7 x 110 mm (4-3/8 inches)
  • Practical holding function with metal plate in the jaw
  • Limit stop to prevent slipping
  • Double-hex geometry for reduced risk of slipping
  • Return angle of only 30&deg for efficient use
  • Color-coded tool finder for easy size identification
  • Ratchet mechanism with 80 teeth for flexibility in confined spaces
  • Specially forged geometry for high torque transfer and strength
  • High-performance chrome molybdenum steel construction
  • Nickel-chrome coating for corrosion protection

Learn More:

Product: Wera 05020199001 6003 Joker Combination Wrench 7 X 110 Mm

Brand: Wera

Model: 05020199001

Shipping Weight: 0.50 lb

Shipping Height: 1.00 in

Shipping Width: 2.00 in

Shipping Length: 6.00 in

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