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Pyle PLA4478 car audio amplifier 4 channels 4000 W

MPN: PLA4478

SKU: 0068888897662

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Pyle PLA4478 Car Audio Amplifier 4 Channels 4000 W

The Pyle PLA4478 Car Audio Amplifier is a powerful 4-channel amplifier that delivers exceptional sound quality and performance. Upgrade your car audio system with this rugged and high-efficiency amplifier to enjoy tomorrow's advanced sound technology.

Power Amplifiers

The Pyle Power Series Amplifiers provide your audio setup with a powerful sound, enhancing the performance and quality of your music. These amps outperform all others in their class, offering crisp music reproduction for any mobile audio environment.

Sound Specialization

Featuring impressive power output wattage, the Pyle Power Series Amplifiers excel in both form and function. They include features like Ohm specific stability, Mosfet power supply, PWM System, Glass Epoxy PCB, silver RCA inputs, custom terminal blocks for speaker connections, strong frequency response, and input impedance rates. These features make the Pyle Power Series Amplifiers stand out from the competition.

Intelligent Design

Safety features of the Pyle PLA4478 include power and protection LED indicators, soft turn-on/off, thermal, overload, and speaker-short protection. The LED indicator shows the normal power status and alerts you to any protection faults in your system.

Pump it Up

With the Bass EQ Boost feature, you can turn up the bass and achieve that extra amount of kick you've been waiting for.

Strong Sound - Powerful Style

The Pyle PLA4478 features a jet-black design that leaves a clean finish on the fortified aluminum heat-sink. Its streamlined and high-tech appearance adds a touch of muscle to your car audio system.

Total Audio Control

Customize and fine-tune your listening experience with the amplifier's control center. The control center allows you to personalize settings such as:

  • Level (Gain) Control: Adjust the incoming signal to the amplifier to match the level of other amplifiers in your system or your headunit.
  • Phase: Change the relative time that the waveform meets your ear, useful for optimizing subwoofer installations in different locations.
  • High-Pass Filter: Send midrange and high-frequency information to a particular speaker, protecting smaller speakers from low-frequency information.
  • Low-Pass Filter: Improve efficiency and sound quality by sending only low-frequency information to subwoofers or particular speakers.
  • Bass EQ: Regulate the impact of your bass kick by manually adjusting the frequency range of a given sound.
  • Crossover Switch: Act as a filter and gradually reduce frequency signal strength to a subwoofer or power amplifier.

Speaker Output Connections

Properly connect the right and left speaker wire to the corresponding speaker output terminals. Incorrect installation or wiring can cause bass cancellation due to phase issues.

Product Features:

  • Number of amplifier channels: 4
  • High pass filter: Yes
  • Low pass filter: Yes
  • Band-pass filter: Yes
  • RMS power output per channel (4 Ohm): 1000
  • RMS output power (max): 4000
  • Bridged output power (max): 2000
  • High pass filter range: 15 - 250
  • Low pass filter range: 60 - 200
  • Bass boost: 0 - 18
  • Connector contacts plating: Silver
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR): 90
  • Current: 40
  • Audio RCA inputs: 2
  • Audio RCA outputs: 2
  • Efficiency: 0.05
  • Product color: Black
  • Width: 260
  • Depth: 450
  • Height: 56
  • Weight: 4989.5

Learn More:

For more information about car audio amplifiers, please visit the

Product: Pyle PLA4478 car audio amplifier 4 channels 4000 W

Brand: Pyle

Model: PLA4478

Shipping Weight: 11.45 lb

Shipping Height: 3.50 in

Shipping Width: 11.50 in

Shipping Length: 22.00 in

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