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Humminbird 411260-1 Xdcr Mega 360 Imaging Fortrex/Maxxum

MPN: 411260-1

SKU: 0082324054563

Shipping Weight: 15.66 lb

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Humminbird 411260-1 MEGA 360 Imaging Transducer for Fortrex/Maxxum Trolling Motors

Surround yourself with more detail than ever before with the Humminbird 411260-1 MEGA 360 Imaging Transducer. This innovative transducer sweeps up to 125' in every direction around your boat, delivering the clearest images you've ever seen of structure, the bottom, and fish, even while you're sitting still. With MEGA Imaging technology, you can enjoy more accurate casts, capture unforgettable moments, and experience incredible underwater detail all around.

The MEGA 360 Imaging transducer is specifically designed for use with Minn Kota Foretrex trolling motors, ensuring uninterrupted use even while in Spot-Lock. This allows you to find your honey hole, get there, and stay there with ease.

Every Detail in Every Direction

MEGA 360 Imaging takes the unmatched coverage of Humminbird's 360 Imaging technology to the next level. By operating in the megahertz range, it provides exceptional detail and clarity. Similar to underwater radar, the MEGA 360 Imaging beam rotates, offering a 360-degree view of the water that is constantly updating. With your boat at the center, fish won't see you coming, allowing you to cast and hook fish before they even know you're there.

Let Us Show You Around

Humminbird understands the importance of seeing fish you won't find alone. That's why MEGA 360 Imaging is compatible with SOLIX Series and HELIX Series fish finders equipped with MEGA Imaging+. Along with unmatched detail and coverage, Humminbird provides built-in mapping, impressive screen resolution, intuitive control, and many other features that make it the preferred choice of anglers.

Customize Your View

MEGA 360 Imaging lets you customize your perspective on fishing. With custom viewing options, you can choose how your returns appear, allowing you to dial them in based on your fishing style, conditions, and target species. Having more control over your view translates to increased confidence on the water.

Find Fish Like Clockwork

With MEGA 360 Imaging, you'll always be on time to catch the fish. Simply mark a waypoint directly on your Humminbird screen, and let the range rings show you the distance from your boat to the target. This precise information enables you to line up and cast to exactly where the fish are.

Dial In Your Sweep Area

Nothing beats the coverage and detail of MEGA 360 Imaging. You can customize your sweep area from 360 degrees down to 10 degrees, allowing you to focus on specific areas of interest. Use preset view options, such as 45 degrees in front of your boat, to quickly locate and cast to productive spots without spooking fish.


  • Transducer Type: MEGA 360 Imaging
  • Compatibility: Minn Kota Foretrex Trolling Motors
  • Coverage: 360 degrees
  • Range: Up to 125'

Learn More:

For more information about trolling motors, transducers, and fishing techniques, please check out the following Wikipedia articles:

Product: Humminbird 411260-1 Xdcr Mega 360 Imaging Fortrex/Maxxum

Brand: Humminbird

Model: 411260-1

Shipping Weight: 15.66 lb

Shipping Height: 7.50 in

Shipping Width: 10.50 in

Shipping Length: 33.00 in

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