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Garmin Bluechart G3 Vision HD VUS001R North Maine MicroSD/SD - 010-C0702-00

MPN: 010-C0702-00

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Garmin 010-C0702-00 Bluechart G3 Vision Hd Vus001R North Maine Microsd/Sd

See your vessel’s precise, on-chart position in relation to navaids, coastal features and restricted areas with premium features found in this detailed marine mapping data. Includes all of the features of our BlueChart® g2 product, plus 3-D perspective above and below the waterline, Auto Guidance, high-resolution imagery, and aerial photos of ports, harbors, marinas and landmarks.


  • Shaded depth contours: Provides visual representation of water depth for easy navigation.
  • Coastlines and spot soundings: Shows the coastline and spot soundings for accurate positioning.
  • Navaids: Displays navigational aids such as buoys and beacons for safe navigation.
  • Port plans: Detailed plans of ports for efficient navigation and docking.
  • Wrecks and obstructions: Identifies wrecks and obstructions to avoid potential hazards.
  • Intertidal zones: Shows intertidal zones for tidal planning and navigation.
  • Restricted areas and IALA symbols: Highlights restricted areas and IALA symbols for safe navigation.
  • Seamless transitions between zoom levels: Smoothly transitions between different zoom levels for better continuity.
  • High resolution satellite imagery: Provides realistic view of the land and water for enhanced navigation.
  • Aerial photos of ports, harbors, marinas, waterways, navigational landmarks and other POIs: Offers aerial photos for easy identification of important landmarks and points of interest.
  • Auto Guidance technology: Utilizes chart data to suggest the best passage to a destination.
  • MarinerEye view 3-D perspective: Provides a quick and easy position fix with a 3-D perspective above the waterline.
  • FishEye view 3-D perspective: Offers an underwater view of the sea floor for fishing enthusiasts.
  • Safety Shading: Enables contour shading for all depth contours shallower than your defined safe depths.
  • Fishing Charts: Provides bottom contours and depth soundings with less visual clutter on the display for effective fishing.
  • Plan and organize routes with HomePort: Allows you to plan and organize routes from your computer using HomePort software.


  • Brand compatibility: Garmin
  • Distribution type: MicroSD/SD
  • Compatibility: echoMAP 43dv, echoMAP 44dv, echoMAP 50dv, echoMAP 50s, echoMAP 53dv, echoMAP 54dv, echoMAP 70dv, echoMAP 70s, echoMAP 73dv, echoMAP 73sv, echoMAP 74dv, echoMAP 74sv, echoMAP 93sv, echoMAP 94sv, echoMAP CHIRP 42dv, echoMAP CHIRP 43dv, echoMAP
  • Minimum RAM: 1024
  • Minimum hard disk space: 0.29
  • Minimum display resolution requirement: 1024 x 768
  • USB required: Yes
  • Internet connection required: Yes
  • Number of users: 1
  • Coverage details: North Maine
  • Region location: North America

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Product: Garmin Bluechart G3 Vision HD VUS001R North Maine MicroSD/SD - 010-C0702-00

Brand: Garmin

Model: 010-C0702-00

Shipping Weight: 0.50 lb

Shipping Height: 1.50 in

Shipping Width: 6.00 in

Shipping Length: 8.00 in

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