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B&G 000-14474-001 V60-B VHF Marine Radio with DSC and AIS Receive/Transmit

MPN: 000-14474-001

SKU: 9420024172513

Shipping Weight: 6.00 lb

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B&G 000-14474-001 V60-B VHF Marine Radio with DSC and AIS Receive/Transmit

The B&G 000-14474-001 V60-B VHF Marine Radio with DSC and AIS Receive/Transmit is a powerful and versatile marine communication device designed to enhance safety and situational awareness on the water. With its integrated AIS (Automatic Identification System) functionality, this radio allows you to both receive and transmit AIS signals, ensuring that you can see and be seen by nearby vessels.

The V60-B features a Class B AIS transmitter and receiver, meaning that it not only receives AIS targets but also broadcasts your yacht's position to other AIS-equipped vessels. This feature is essential for avoiding collisions, especially in crowded harbours and waterways, as it allows other mariners to easily spot your boat regardless of the visibility conditions.

In addition to AIS, the V60-B also includes a built-in AIS receiver that continuously monitors the position of other AIS-equipped vessels. This information can be viewed on the radio's built-in screen or overlaid on your chart or radar screen through a compatible chartplotter. This real-time data enables you to proactively navigate and make informed decisions to avoid potential hazards.

The V60-B is equipped with a removable fist mic, offering flexibility in installation. The mic can be connected to the front or rear of the radio, and optional extension cables allow for separate mounting of the mic and radio. This eliminates cable clutter and provides a clean and organized setup. For example, you can mount the V60-B overhead with no hanging cables while connecting the mic to an extension socket on the dash below.

For even more convenience, the V60-B is expandable with wireless handsets. By adding an optional H60 wireless handset, you can take your radio anywhere on board. Each handset duplicates the radio's display and controls, allowing remote access to all key functions. Up to two handsets can be connected to a single V60-B, and with multiple handsets connected, your radio also serves as an on-board intercom.

One of the standout features of the V60-B is its Man Overboard (MOB) function. In the event of a man overboard situation, simply hold down the NAV/MOB button to drop a waypoint on your current location. The V60-B will enter MOB mode, displaying the distance and direction to return to the MOB position. Furthermore, the MOB waypoint is transmitted over NMEA 2000 to the rest of your network, ensuring that everyone on board is aware of the situation.

The V60-B also offers the Track Buddy feature, allowing you to track up to 5 vessels. By entering the MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identity) of another VHF radio into your contact list, you can request their position at set intervals. This information can be displayed on any compatible chartplotter, giving you a clear view of their whereabouts.

Key Features:

  • Class D DSC approved VHF radio
  • Integrated Class B AIS transceiver for enhanced visibility
  • Integrated GPS receiver for accurate positioning
  • Removable fist mic supports front or rear connection for flexible installation
  • Connect up to two wireless handsets for remote access
  • Optional loudhailer or external speaker can be added
  • NMEA0183® and NMEA 2000® connectivity for seamless integration with other devices
  • Track up to 5 vessels with the 'Track Buddy' feature
  • Navigation Mode displays speed and course
  • Includes Man Overboard (MOB) function for quick response to emergencies

In the Box:

  • V60 VHF Radio
  • 000-14922-001 Fist Mic V60
  • 000-14917-001 Mounting Bracket and Knobs
  • 000-14915-001 Flush Mounting Kit
  • 000-14913-001 Suncover
  • 000-14919-001 Mic Clip

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VHF Marine Radio

Automatic Identification System (AIS)

Product: B&G 000-14474-001 V60-B VHF Marine Radio with DSC and AIS Receive/Transmit

Brand: B&G

Model: 000-14474-001

Shipping Weight: 6.00 lb

Shipping Height: 7.00 in

Shipping Width: 9.00 in

Shipping Length: 10.50 in

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