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CRC 14149 Ozzymat Fl-3 1-Layer Filter
CRC 14149 Ozzymat Fl-3 1-Layer Filter




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OzzyMat® Single-Layer

The OzzyMat is a patented particulate trap impregnated with microbes (Ozzys). The OzzyMat traps large particles of grease and oil and any particulate larger than 50 microns. More importantly the OzzyMat releases microbes (Ozzys) into the SmartWasher system. These microbes continuously eat grease, oil and other contaminants out of the OzzyJuice leaving it clean and strong for every use.  It must be changed monthly which will keep the microbe (Ozzy®) colony healthy and keep your SmartWasher system working at peak performance. Failure to change the OzzyMat monthly will reduce the efficiency, health and bioremediation capabilities of the microbes (Ozzys). This will result in the OzzyJuice® becoming more and more contaminated until the system no longer cleans.