With COVID-19 still here, and the cold and flu season quickly arriving, it is important to have the right home health care products to help you stay healthy. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, there are a lot of convenient stores that are out of necessary health care products. Luckily, at CE Showroom, we have hundreds of health & beauty products to choose from that are in stock and will arrive to you in less than 7 days. We pride ourselves on fast shipping, high-quality products, and fantastic customer support.

What Health Care Products Should I Get?

1. Berrcom IRT-901 No Touch Temporal/Forehead Thermometer

This product has been extremely popular since the COVID-19 outbreak. It can be used on all age groups, and it provides instant and accurate readings. Unlike other thermometer’s, this one is touchless, meaning you don’t risk spreading germs, and it requires no cleaning. It features an audible alarm for temperatures of 100.4 or higher, and it can even read object temperatures.

2. Zorelle 02200 Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders

We all know how sore your neck and shoulders get when you are sick. Our Zorelle heating pad comfortably fits around your neck and shoulders to help relieve those aches and pains. This heating pad is weighted and balanced, which allows you to walk or stand with ease. What’s great about this product is that it can be used year-round, not just for the cold and flu season.

3. HoMedics BPW-040 Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitorr

This high-quality, accurate wrist blood pressure monitor will allow you to make sure that your heart rate isn’t too high. According to heart.org, cold and flu medications can increase blood pressure so it is important to monitor your blood pressure while you are sick.

4. Detach n Go 7 Day Detachable Pill Organizer Cutter

Designed to offer you complete flexibility, the Detach N Go 7-Day Detachable Pill Organizer with Pill Cutter helps you never miss a day of medication. Compartments are detachable in sets of two, labeled with the day of the week, and provide the flexibility you need to maintain your daily medication or vitamin schedule. The snap-on lids form a tight seal to keep medication secure while you're on the go, and the compartments interlock to form a full week of pills for easy travel. Or, easily detach compartment sets for daily use. Each compartment holds up to 25 aspirin-sized pills, making it perfect for medications and vitamins alike.

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